From Europe into the world... and for the first time

Daydream Festival goes Japan!

- 2020.04.XX -

Stepping into new territories

Back in 2010 the daydream trip began. overwhelmed with your love and support we continued our journey. The editions grew rapidly and we were able to build a bigger and better dream. We feel blessed so many people gathered to experience our dream. In the meantime we shaped our dream into a place where people create unforgettable memories. now it's time for something new. Something that is beyond our imagination. Exploring new places and continuing the search for undreamed tales and stories.

Daydream Festival has already seen light in the Netherlands, Mexico, China, Spain and Belgium and not Japan!

Daydream festival

At daydream festival, you enter a wonderful dream, wander in a world where time has no meaning and you dream with your eyes open. Magical thoughts are realized and guide you beyond your imagination  through places you’ve never seen before. Your inspiration expand, boundaries disappear and together with thousands of other daydreamers you can escape and create breath-taking memories, which will never be forgotten.


Official Aftermovie Daydream Festival The Netherlands 2018


Spectacular thematic decor and shows

Dream with your eyes open